Recording artist for:
Columbia Records, Mercury Records, Dick James Records and EMI Records and Sun Records.

Dick James Music Publishing  (The Beatles)       

Motown Music Publishing       

Orange Pop Shop Songs

Recording Artist:


Songwriter for established artists:
Jefferson Starship,  Cyndi Lauper, ZZ Top,  Jane Weiland (Go-Go’s) and Jimmy Davis

Created music for advertising, theme parks, television and major motion pictures.  Motion picture work includes works for Ron Howard (Imagine Films) and a Cyndi Lauper sci-fi film.

Studio Producer:
Richard Orange developed skills as an arranger and a producer working with many other successful producers and engineers, including, E.T.Thorngren, Peter Collins, Bobby Manuel, James Lott, Kyle Lehning, RobinHood Brians, Gordon Mills, Don Smith, and many others. Richard is a producer in his own right and has produced and written songs for (and with) many up and coming young bands and singers.

Richard Orange | Educator

As a veteran recording artist and studio producer, Richard has insights to share with students on the business side of the music industry, studio recording, preparation and etiquette, record/production deals, marketing yourself as an artist and the building of live performance tours. 

Richard has written songs for a wide variety of successful and lesser known artists, along with creating music for Ron Howard and Cyndi Lauper films.  (Kodachrome and Vibes) Included in the commercial side of his work, are music scores created for advertising, television and theme parks. 

Being involved in the business, production and delivery sides of the music industry over several decades, Richard brings the knowledge young artists can build upon to translate their music education into success as artists within the music industry.  He can relate to students as an artist, while preparing them to navigate their own course into the music industry and work with a wide variety of the occupations within it successfully.